• Antur Stiniog DH Trails
    Antur Stiniog DH Trails
  • Antur Stiniog DH Trails
    Antur Stiniog DH Trails
  • Antur Stiniog DH Trails
    Antur Stiniog DH Trails
  • Downhill Trails
    Downhill Trails

Downhill Mountain Biking and Freeride Trails

We have 7 trails that range from blue grade to black grade and have had international acclaim from Mtb press and riders alike. All trails are accessed by our uplift service (we are an uplift facility only) which is regarded as the best uplift service in the UK.

We are open 5 days (Thursday to Monday) April to August,  4 days (Thursday to Sunday) from September to March.

Pre-book Full Day Uplift

To fully experience the Uplift Service at its best we highly recommend booking a full day ticket. The uplift service will do up to 20 runs a day. We recommend arriving as early as possible to get the most out of your day and spend your time at Antur 'Stiniog doing what you came to do ride, not push! The first uplift starts at 10am and runs until 4.15pm breaking for half an hour at 1pm for lunch.

You can book using our safe and secure on-line booking system. Simply go to book now. Please read our terms and conditions before booking.

On the Day - Non-Booked Riders:

If you do however turn up and there are available spaces then you are able to purchase a full day, half-day or single trip ticket. A half day session is a morning session from 10am - 1pm or an afternoon session from 1.30pm - 4.15pm.

Please do be aware that there is NO GUARANTEE you will get a seat as priority will always go to riders that have pre-booked a full days uplift on-line. We strongly advise booking in order to avoid disappointment. Please also check the booking page before you do 'just turn up' as on some occasions if we have no pre-booked riders then the Uplift may not always operate and will close for that day.

The Trails

Y Du (The Black) (Double Black)

Black DH run with a super fast, flowy, jump top section with a gnarly steep rock section with big jumps to keep you on your toes, and then prepare for the steepness! Carved turns and berms all down an open hillside, finishing with another super steep rock roller and a jump section. A premier DH run.

Black Powder (Black)

Black DH run sharing the top 50m of 'The Black' before a series of berms send you down the other side of the hill. Big rock sections and jumps await you as you traverse down the mountain side... not for the faint hearted!

Bendy-G (Black)

A lot of turns and a lot of fun....Antur ‘Stiniog welcoms Bendy-G to the family.
An un-surfaced, natural, Black graded trail that will test riders abilities to the full........but beware it will be unpredictable when wet!

Wild Cart (Red)

Red DH / Freeride run with a super steep fun roll in through the opening berms and an endless supply of fun in the way of beautifully crafted corners, berms, jumps and step downs... from top to bottom. As much fun on a 6" travel bike as a full DH rig.

Scrubadub (Red)

This is a Red graded section that leads into the Wildcart Trail, expect jumps, jumps, and more jumps!

'Drafft' (Red)

Red DH / Freeride run with the same features as 'Wild Cart' but with slightly less 'GNAR'. Ideal as an introduction to DH / Freeride as all the features are rollable or jumpable, dependant on your riding skills!

Jympar (Blue)

Smoother, Easier, but no less fun. The new addition to the Antur Stiniog family is a blue grade trail aimed at the novice Dh rider, with sweeping turns, flowy single track, and enough features to keep even the hard core Dh’ers happy. Less steep and longer than our current trails, and is ideal fodder for trail bikes! Grin Factor aplenty!